Saturday, January 29, 2022

Shun Feng Roasted Delights (顺沣港式烧腊), Toa Payoh Central

Shun Feng Roasted Delights (顺沣港式烧腊), Toa Payoh Central

I changed my mind real quick here (#01-120, 177 Toa Payoh Central). Was intending to try their sui gao noodles and was distracted by the tray from the guy in front of me in the queue who ordered roast pork rice. So this ended up as char siew with roast pork and tau kwa. Haha. The roast pork wasn't bad but I swear the ones that the guy in front of me had looked much better.

What I was more impressed with was the char siew. I asked for the fatty one which turned out well caramelized with a respectable char. I'd come back for that again and maybe also the duck which I heard was the thing to try at this stall.

A week later...

Shun Feng Roasted Delights (顺沣港式烧腊), wanton mee sui gao char siew

I missed the duck again by having wanton mee with fatty char siew and a bowl of sui gao. The latter was pretty darn good as well packed with minced pork, shrimps and black fungus. My bowl of soup had tender vegetable stems. Those noodles were unimpressive on their own but with the chilli paste and pickled green chilli, it because a different thing altogether. What I ended up with was fusion of a savoury nuttiness from the red chilli (not very spicy but deliciously savoury) and a invigorating tanginess from the pickled green chilli. Nice.

Shun Feng Roasted Delights (顺沣港式烧腊), Toa Payoh Central

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