Friday, January 21, 2022

More mazesoba-ing at Menya Kokoro

Menya Kokoro, 100AM

Has been a while since we last ate at Menya Kokoro.

Menya Kokoro, curry croquette

Don't bother with the curry croquette. It was sweet and tasted more like pumpkin than curry. The order came with two croquette but we only had one which was curry. The other was the regular croquette. Probably a mistake but we didn't really like it and it wasn't worth the feedback.

Menya Kokoro, triple cheese mazesoba

Triple cheese mazesoba was good. Pretty cheesy. I'd eat this again.

Menya Kokoro, truffle mazesoba

Truffle mazesoba had ramen for noodles. The truffle flavour came from truffle puree and with that expectation set, it's also not bad tasting. I liked how the sharpness from negi kept it from being monotonous.

Menya Kokoro, cheesy truffle rice

Since we had leftover sauce from both bowls, we folded in the rice together. Truffle triple cheese rice! Umai! Gotta try it to know it.

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