Thursday, January 06, 2022

More mee pok-ing at Li Yuan Mee Pok (栗原ミーポック)

Li Yuan Mee Pok (栗原ミーポック), Commonwealth Drive

Didn't quite plan a return to Li Yuan Mee Pok so soon but it happened.

Li Yuan Mee Pok (栗原ミーポック), fusion mee pok shoyu

This was a bowl of their shoyu fusion mee pok. Flavour difference between the shoyu and the miso bowl for their fusion mee pok seemed to be not much. I can't definitively tell which one I prefer.

Li Yuan Mee Pok (栗原ミーポック), mushroom minced meat mee pok

Trying their mushroom mince meat noodle for the first time. Came with mock abalone like the fusion mee pok bowls. Not bad tasting. Solid savoury umami going on with discernible vinegar in the sauce. I emptied a little dish of their chilli soy sauce in it for a bit of heat but that cranked the sour up a bit too much.

Li Yuan Mee Pok (栗原ミーポック), chilli soya sauce

That's the chilli soy sauce I'm talking about.

Li Yuan Mee Pok, Commonwealth Drive

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