Friday, January 28, 2022

Làng Nướng Việt Nam (Lang Nuong Vietnam), Foch Road

Làng Nướng Việt Nam (Lang Nuong Vietnam), Foch Road

Heard about Làng Nướng Việt Nam just off Jalan Besar (18 Foch Road, tel : +65 9632 6039) a while back so I was intrigued. We tried some stuff that weren't so commonly found in most of the Vietnamese restaurants here.

Làng Nướng Việt Nam (Lang Nuong Vietnam), crispy fried hog's pudding

Dồi sụn chiên giòn - described as crispy fried hog's pudding on the menu. I dug around and learnt that it was some sort of cartilage sausage that might be made with various pig parts.The serving lady appeared concerned that we were trying to order it. The sausage was deep fried in a crisp casing with a filling texture that was pretty gristly. Every bite was filled with crunch from the bits of chopped up cartilage. I was getting star anise, black pepper and a bunch of other spices which I knew was in there but couldn't put a finger to.

Làng Nướng Việt Nam (Lang Nuong Vietnam), squid's beak with butter and baguette

This was described as sautéed squid teeth with butter and baguette. It's actually squid beak - the area which their teeth is located. These needed a lot of jaw work. Much more chewy than those I had previously. The 'butter' was a rich creamy sauce flavoured with coconut...and butter with some spiciness. What surprised us was that there were bits of fried pork lard in it too. Hell yeah it was good. Almost mopped the plate clean.  

Làng Nướng Việt Nam (Lang Nuong Vietnam), stir fried pho sliced beef

I ordered stir fried phở with beef and had imagined that it would look similar to Penang char kuey teow. But instead, those rice noodles were pressed into cakes, seared and sliced into pie shaped wedges. Lots of vegetable in there with the beef and also gravy. Tasted very much like a local hor fun with less salt.

Làng Nướng Việt Nam (Lang Nuong Vietnam), Foch Road

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