Sunday, January 23, 2022

Revisiting Old House (老屋)

Old House, Neil Road

It's been like half a decade since we've last/first visited Old House. We've always wanted to come back for another bowl of their white lor mee but look at what we ended up with now that we are. 煮炒. The vibe of the restaurant seemed to be different from what we remembered as well.

Old House, coffee

Ordered coffee. Drinkable stuff if you want local coffee here.

Old House, stir fried eggs chives

Their stir fried eggs and garlic chives were nice. I meant it was one of those 'I could eat just this with steamed rice' kind of nice.

Old House, milk powder prawns

Don't really know what's the proper name for this dish but their menu calls it creamy pork chop. Or 奶香豬扒 if you're reading it in Chinese. It's not creamy and I think milk powder might have been used. Kinda like the buttery pork ribs that a lot of people tend to order at a particular stall run by two chefs. Haha. This one was not bad tasting.

Old House, charcoal tofu

There's charcoal tofu in oyster sauce - black on the outside, grey on the inside. Menu mentions that the tofu is made in house. Not a bad tofu dish.

Old House, truffle duck

We were surprised to see truffle roast duck on the menu like what a number of the atas Chinese restaurants are doing in recent years. This one was just a little bit truffle-y. Meat was relatively tender and the roast was pretty decent considering that these guys aren't roast specialists. It's one of those dishes which was mai hiam buay pai.

Old House, rice

Those sweet curried crumbles from the pork chops above were pretty damn addictive with rice. Gotta have rice with all these dishes.

Old House, Neil Road

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