Thursday, January 13, 2022

Re-revisiting Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow, Dempsey

More eating at Red Sparrow. Doesn't the portrait up there look like a zombie?

Red Sparrow, brooklyn lager

But first, a couple of pints of Brooklyn Lager.

Red Sparrow, chả giò

These guys have the meatiest chả giò I've eaten so far. Tasted prawns, pork and taro stuffed in the deep fried rice paper rolls. There's supposed to be crab meat too according to the menu.

Red Sparrow, cá cuốn

We remembered liking their cá cuốn so we ordered it again. Still good but it wasn't served with the pineapple sauce anymore though. 😢

Red Sparrow, bánh khọt

These bánh khọt were good. If you were stilling figuring out from the picture, they were little pancakes of minced pork, tiger prawns with coconut cream and spring onions. Great flavour coming from the coconut cream.

Red Sparrow, bò nướng

Bò nướng - beef short rib marinated in fish sauce and some other stuff. Meat was tender and properly charred for that smoky flavour. Nice.

Red Sparrow, phở bò tái

A soulful broth from their tasty phở bò tái to wrap things up. Before desserts that is.

Red Sparrow, chuối nướng nước dừa

We tried their donuts with Vietnamese coffee glaze. Pretty sweet and the texture was more dense than I had expected. Would have preferred a stronger coffee flavour from the glaze to balance out the sweetness. Those donuts basically rendered the chocolate ice cream on the side bland-ish. 

Red Sparrow, Dempsey

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