Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Claudine, Dempsey Hill

Claudine, beyond the white rabbit

Chef Julien Royer of the 3 Michelin starred Odette opens Claudine (39C Harding Road, tel : +65 6265 2966) and the world (maybe just this tiny part of the world) gravitates. What began as the journey for reservation started sometime middle of last November ended today. The wait was finally over. 

This spot is at the restored Ebenezer Chapel - or where many locals would remember as the church where White Rabbit used to be. Somewhere across the road from Atout.

Claudine, through the looking glass wine glass dried flowers

It's a pretty place. You know - stained glass windows, dried flowers along the walls, nice tilings and all through abundant natural light. Lots of people taking photos like tourists.

Claudine, sourdough iberico butter

They serve pretty good sourdough. The warm bread exuded a mild tanginess to the nose coupled with a light grainy smokiness along the crust. Crusty and tender in each slice. Reminded me of the bread at Belon. What further impressed was their Ibérico butter on the side - whipped into airiness, also lightly smoky, gently salted and very savoury. No one would be blamed for asking for seconds.

Claudine, saint nectaire croquettes

Got a couple of plates from their Prelude. Like this croquette of Saint Nectaire cheese with a dollop of vin jaune gel. Summary of the flavours could be a pungent creaminess from the cheese pairing with the fruity sweetness from the yellow wine in the gel.

Claudine, nougat de foie gras

That's their nougat de foie gras - a foie gras terrine studded with nuts and dried fruits. Though the menu mentioned just almond, cranberry and apricot, there was also pistachio and what I thought might be peanuts as well. Salt and pepper provided a finish which fused with the savoury sweetness of the creamy liver terrine.

Claudine, brioche

Believe it or not, that nougat de foie gras was even more enjoyable generously slathered across some of their airy buttery brioche.

Claudine, steak tartare fries salad

What have we here? Salade et frites.

Claudine, steak tartare lady

Steak tartare à la Parisienne is done à la minute - completed table-side with Argentinian grass fed beef.

Claudine, making steak tartare a la parisienne

This was our third table-side steak tartare. The previous ones were from db Bistro and L'Angelus.

Claudine, steak tartare a la parisienne

Not bad. No waxing lyrical here.

Claudine, vol-au-vent sweetbread morels cockscomb quenelle

The dish I was looking forward to most in this visit was their vol-au-vent. Reason being that the fillings included morel, sweetbread and cockscomb. There's chicken quenelle in it as well. All held together in the buttery pastry with their superb morel cream sauce. Costed a pretty penny but it was so good. I wished there was more sweetbread.

Claudine, baked alaska

Dessert was a baked Alaska.

Claudine, baked alaska

Claudine's had chestnut, pear and ginger; flavoured with Poire Williams. Tasted okay. We ordered it because we were intrigued by the combination of ingredients.

Claudine, coffee dried flowers and stained glass

Coffee's decent but not so strong. Was looking forward to something with a bit more kick after the rich meal.

Claudine, Dempsey

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