Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Unagi Tei - formerly known as Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

Unagi Tei / Man Man, Keong Saik

Yes they are that unagi shop known as Man Man which has been rebranded into Unagi Tei because according to them, they also bring in nodoguro now other than just unagi. I don't understand why but it is what it is. We've eaten at their other outlets at Duo Galleria and Clarke Quay over the years so here's a jump pad to their unagi-verse. (, , , , , , )

Unagi Tei / Man Man, suntory black

But first a Suntory kuro.

Unagi Tei / Man Man, unagi kinmedai hitsumabushi

Man Man had gotten progressively less appealing throughout the years. They used to be more impressive at their start when there was just the regular unagi don and later the hitsumabushi. When the combo hitsumabishi came into the picture, the value of those bowls I felt dropped considerably because it no longer represented good value.

Unagi Tei / Man Man, unagi kinmedai hitsumabushi

I get suckered in once in a while with those combo hitsumabushi bowls. The only one that I have thought worth the trip was probably the bowl with hotaru ika. I got suckered in this time by the one with kinmedai. The fish didn't have the flavour or texture as what I was expecting. It didn't taste bad. It just didn't give me that kinmedai experience.

Unagi Tei / Man Man, kimo don

This kimo don was probably one of those that was still satisfying because it was to the point. Just grilled kabayaki and eel liver in the sweet glaze with tamago.

Unagi Tei / Man Man, Keong Saik

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